Use Cases


How to use SigMail as a Patient?

  • It looks and works just like email – You’ll notice that SigMail appears just like your usual email account. You can find Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Archive folders on the left
  • Patients can easily share their health information safely with doctors
  • Patients can send follow-up concerns & queries easily through photos, work notes, videos by attaching them to the message
  • SigMail allows patients to schedule appointments with just a click
  • Seniors from retirement homes can share their records with their family members (care takers)

Doctors can use SigMail to:

  • Schedule and confirm appointments effortlessly
  • Share test results with patients
  • Send you your medical records
  • Discuss about your care with other consultants or primary doctors
  • Export each encounter into EMRs (Electronic Medical Record)


Using SigMail to improve administrative efficiency for assessment or treatment :

  • Our shared inbox model allows a practice’s office staff to securely and efficiently manage the flow of incoming messages and involve physicians as needed.